Privacy Policy

M & N Limited will use your information to deliver personalized information on the benefits that you are entitled to when a member of the SilverBlack Card program through its website.

M & N Limited does not sell your personally identifiable information to any third parties or mass marketers without your consent. For example, M & N Limited will not sell another company your name or e-mail address without your consent. Unless you consent to the disclosure of your personally identifiable information, only M & N Limited and our online service provider have access to this information, and we require them to agree that they are covered by this policy. Please note that we do reserve the right to transfer your personally identifiable information and other information to our successors in business and purchasers of company assets.

M & N Limited does disclose aggregated data to our advertisers and other third parties to generate reports, marketing and technical research and for related business purposes. For example, M & N Limited will tell advertisers how many people are registered under the SilverBlack card program. Where available, we may offer additional information about viewer characteristics. However, this does not include personally identifiable information about you.


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